2015 Frozen Four - TD Garden, Boston, MA
National Championship: Saturday, April 11th. @ 7:30 PM EDT
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Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Final
2015 NCAA National Champions!
Anthony Florentino from Acciari and Luke
S.O.G - 6
Mark Jankowski from Mingoia and Mauermann
S.O.G 17
Kyle McKenzie
Brandon Tenev From Rooney
S.O.G 20
Boston U. 2
Ahti Oksanen from Greer
Danny O'Regan from Eichel
S.O.G - 18
Cason Hohmann from Oksanen
S.O.G 22
S.O.G 12

Providence College Quotes:

Coach Leaman

  • "We beat a terrific opponent tonight. I think that's what makes it a little bit sweeter. That BU team was terrific. They had us on our heels for a lot of the first and second period, and we were just kind of hanging in there. Jonny held us in there."
  • "Coach Miller drew up a heck of a faceoff play coming out of that TV timeout, and our guys executed well on it. They were kicking our butts on faceoffs a lot throughout the game and probably in the third period we won the most faceoffs, and we held on."
  • "I think that game could have gone either way tonight. We both know that... the story tonight could be you can win with freshmen in the NCAA."
  • "We're a team that has a different guy every night; a different guy seems to be our hero each night. I thought it was Janko in the semi and then tonight Tany came up with the big goal, and Jonny. I think that's just a testament to the type of leadership we have and with our captains."
  • "That speaks to the parity of college hockey... it's a special sport, too, because when you see it in the Stanley Cup Playoffs every year too, it's how the teams come together and do a lot of little things, and be gritty; that can win in our sport along with great goaltending."

Forward Ross Mauermann

  • On losing in the Hockey East Tournament: It was a tough time for us because we wanted to win so bad, especially at home there. But we knew when we got our second chance we definitely would make the most of it. We faced some hard teams there in the tournament and got the right bounce at the right time with key goals."
  • "We won tonight with BU, but they were all over us for the first period. Speed was a big factor. It was hard to keep up with them in the beginning, and I thought we stayed with our process and found a way to get out a win there."
  • "It's hard to take it all in at a moment like that, trying to focus on one shift at a time. But it's a great opportunity for our program to take another step and just an unbelievable showing by our fan base. I'm just so happy for them and our school and everyone involved with our program, everyone that's come before us and put a Providence jersey on."
  • On Being a walk-on: "Coach believed in me from the first day and it's amazing to see how far we've come... with support from our fans and the fan base, and a rink that's redone, and now to finish off with the National Championship. It's pretty bittersweet for sure. It's a great feeling to go out this way; it's also hard because it's over. But it's an unbelievable experience to come to Providence College and I'm just happy to be part of that."

Forward Brandon Tanev

  • "The building was great. It was an unbelievable atmosphere. Can't say I've played in anything like that. To have two teams from the New England area with us and BU, it's a testament to how much the fans in this area appreciate college hockey and support both of our programs."
  • On scoring the Game Winning Goal: "Just a heck of a faceoff call by Coach Miller, and Kevin Rooney did a great job winning it back for me. Steven boxed the guys out and I was fortunate enough to get the puck up and get a clean shot off and it happened to go over O'Connor's shoulder."
  • On Freshman Walman and Pinho: "They're two fabulous players. We can all see that. They stepped into big roles, as you said, throughout the season. And I can't speak enough about both of them. They work hard on and off the ice. And tonight they both played really well for us. And we're thankful to have them as part of our program."

Goaltender Jon Gillies

  • "It's a testament to our team where they had my back 100% and they didn't lose faith in me, thankfully (after giving up the first goal). I just tried to reset, especially after that second goal, it was kind of a weird bounce. It ended up right in front of our net and Danny O'Regan was able to put it home. After those two things you take a deep breath and refocus and remember it's a long way to the game's end. And I believed in these guys 100% all year that we were going to be able to come back and win that thing, and that's what happened."
  • "You don't do anything different (late in the game with B.U. pressing). You just know at that point in the game, first off, our wingers and our defensemen and everyone just were absolutely eating pucks and doing a phenomenal job of staying in shooting lanes, forcing shots wide and forcing the BU guys to make a play that they didn't necessarily want to make. So it starts there. And if it does get to me, just kind of play big. With a six on five, there's a lot of traffic in front. You let the puck hit you. If it does squirt out or something at that point in the game, you just try to get something in front of it and try and battle for the guys that are battling for you in front."
  • "I've played against (B.U. Goalie) Matt O'Connor for the two years before I came here in the USHL, and I got to know him personally... as a goalie you feel for him on a bounce like that. And you've been there, so you know the bottomless feeling that it presents. I just told him how great of a season he had, how great of a tournament he had, how great of a game he had. He made huge stops throughout the entire game."

Boston University Quotes:

Coach Quinn

  • "First of all, I congratulate Providence College, National champions. They deserve to be. But I've been very lucky in life. I've been coaching for 20 years, and I've never enjoyed coaching a team more than the one we had this year... there's not much I can say to make our guys feel any better or make anybody associated with BU hockey feel any better right now, but it's been an incredible year... The things we've accomplished, when nobody thought we could do any of it, are incredible testament to the two guys to my left and everybody else associated with our team. Every player, every student manager, every equipment manager, we were a team. We were a true team, and that doesn't happen very often in sports. We get to this point because we won as a team. And we lost the game tonight because we as a team didn't play well enough. Bottom line. Providence played better. They won the hockey game. And I want to congratulate Nate, he does a heck of a job. It's a tough one to swallow, without question. But we'll be back."
  • On factors in losing tonight's game: "You play in the National Championship and semifinals and I thought we played really well for a long period of time. Tonight we couldn't get a two-goal lead. I thought we had plenty of chances to get a two goal lead... but people lost sight that despite all our success we're the youngest team in the country. We have four 18 year old defensemen playing in the game tonight. We've got eight freshmen in the lineup. Sometimes experience is the best remedy for situations that we were in tonight. To go from the year we had last year to be that close to winning a national title is an incredible accomplishment, and it shouldn't be lost in all of this. I would love to be sitting here as the national champion. I'd like to have our guys have smiles on their faces instead of tears in their eyes, but sometimes it's a process... I just love the way we played from the get go. And again, sometimes experience is the best remedy to handle a one goal lead in the third period of a National Championship game.
  • On Team Captain Matt Grzelcyk: "I can't say enough about Matt Grzelcyk. Hell of a player and hell of a person. He competes in everything he does. His personality is infectious. And when you talk about a captain, Matt Grzelcyk is one of the first people you think of when you talk about a true captain."
  • On his thoughts about goalie Matt O'Connor: You know, you have college sports for people like Matt O'Connor. Great athlete. Great student. Everybody here if you spend ten minutes with him, he acts like he's 35 years old. He's exactly what you want in a student-athlete. And we wouldn't be here without him. We've won championship after championship this year. The least amount of losses in the country. You don't do that with just average or just good goaltending. It was a 60 minute game. We had chances to a get a two goal lead. We couldn't do it. We give up the faceoff goal with six minutes to go. So there were a lot of reasons why we lost tonight. And one of them, a big one, was the way that Providence College played."

Matt Grzelcyk

  • On How the Team Reacted to the Third Goal Scored by Providence: "I think it's definitely important to skate right over to OC (Matt O'Connor). He's really been the backbone to our team all year. And I think every guy in the room would agree we wouldn't be in the championship game without him. And obviously he's handled all the pressure situations this year. So I think Coach calling a timeout was definitely a great play. We definitely needed to settle down, but we obviously weren't able to do that. We just kind of told each other to do it for the guy next to you, and just missed our assignments at the end."
  • On the Leadership and Support of Back-up Goalie Anthony Moccia: "It's been everything. I think all year we've talked about how we really came along as a team early on in the summer, and like I said, Anthony was the one who started it all. He's kind of a smart goalie. Doesn't get to play very often. But he cares about BU hockey more than anyone in the locker room does. For the younger guys to see how much passion he has for the game, just like how he took over our team really in pressure situations and especially handling OC, his roommate at the school, his best friend. Hockey is not going to last forever but the friendships you make along the way will, and Anthony is definitely one of the best friends we all have."

2015 Frozen Four Semi-finals - TD Garden, Boston, MA
Semifinal 1: Thursday, April 9th. @ 5:00 PM EDT
(click on the team logos for rosters)
Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Final
S.O.G - 9
S.O.G - 16
1 - Jake Guentzel from Vesel
S.O.G - 26
Providence 0
S.O.G - 16
1 - Noel Acciari from Pinho and Saracino
2 - Mark Jankowski from Saracino and Walman
S.O.G - 33
3 - Trevor Mingoia from Jankowski
4 - Nick Saracino from Rooney and Florentino (ENG)

S.O.G - 48
Semifinal 2: Thursday, April 9th. @ 8:30 PM EDT
(click on the team logos for rosters)
Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Final
North Dakota 0
S.O.G - 10
1 - Luke Johnson from Schmaltz and Poolman (PPG)
S.O.G - 25
2 - Troy Stecher (SHG)
3 - Connor Gardner from Mattson and O'Donnell
S.O.G - 25
Boston U. 2
1 - Jack Eichel from O'Regan and Oksanen (PPG)
2 - Brandon Hickey from Hohman and Baillargeon (PPG)
S.O.G - 9
3 - A.J. Greer from Eichel and Diffley
4 - Doyle Somerby from Diffley
S.O.G - 21
5 - Jack Eichel from Holman and Grzelcyk (ENG)

Providence College Coach Nate Leaman on Providence's third goal against UNO: "I thought it was a big moment in the game because I thought they had some momentum. We showed good mental toughness, beat a good hockey team and well coached team fortunate to move on"

UNO Coach Dean Blais on his teams performance: "I'm proud of the team and obviously what we accomplished this year in our first trip to the Frozen Four. Didn't turn out like wehoped but certainly proud of the guys and the way they never gave up. I thought when it went 2-1 we had a chance. They came down and scored the next shot. So very disappointed that we lost, but certainly proud of the overall team and what they accomplished this year."

Boston University Coach David Quinn on the Game: "Well, obviously an incredible game. Funny game in a lot of ways. You're up 4-1, seven minutes to go, eight minutes to go, and you think you go on the power play and everything's in good shape... your goalie let's in a goal that he hasn't let in all year. And too many men on the ice penalty that we haven't had all year and then it's 4-3 and we're hanging on for dear life."

North Dakota Coach Dave Hakstol on his teams performance: "As you might imagine, it's a tough time for our group in the locker room, especially a group of seniors that for four years have led our program and for many of them maybe done it from unexpected circumstances... it's impossible to put perspective on a season. So I won't try and do that."

Scenes from the Frozen Four

2015 Hobey Hattrick Finalists Team Conference
Jack Eichel (Freshman Forward) Boston University
Zane McIntyre (Junior Goalie) North Dakota
Jimmy Vesey (Junior Forward) Harvard
2015 Hobey Baker Award Winner - Jack Eichel

East Regionals - Providence, RI

Northeast Regionals - Manchester, NH

Midwest Regionals - South Bend, IN

West Regionals - Fargo, ND

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