Minnesota Duluth - 2018 NCAA National Champions

National Championship: Saturday, April 7
7:30 PM (ESPN2) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Minnesota Duluth Goal 1: Kuhlman
Assist: Miller
Goal 2: Thomas
Assist: Kuhlman
No Scoring No Scoring - 2
Notre Dame No Scoring Goal 1: Oglevie
Assists: Morrison
No Scoring - 1

2018 NCAA National Champions - Minnesota Duluth

Minnesota Duluth Post Game Quotes:

COACH SANDELIN: "I want to congratulate Jeff and Notre Dame. Again, they had an outstanding season. Obviously, we used the same MO the last three games to win three games in a row. But I couldn't be more proud of our team, the way these guys battled and grew and grew together... obviously it's a special championship for the program. I was fortunate to be part of the first one but this one is just as special. They never get old. And I'm extremely happy for these three guys here that get to go out on a really, really good note and it's pretty remarkable what they've done to be up here as national champions. They deserve all the credit, especially our leaders."

COACH SANDELIN on his young Defensemen: "We just had obviously lost a big chunk of our back end and had five incoming freshmen, and we recruited them for a reason because they're talented players, but I'm not going to sit here and lie; we had a question mark, and who is going to jump up and be our goalie? And how are those guys going to do? We felt the forward group was pretty good. We were replacing scoring but we had some good depth, so we felt pretty good about that. But the job that young group back there did, obviously, I think it really started to move forward when Shep grabbed the net and played the way he did and gave our whole team confidence. And tonight you saw a couple of the saves he made; wen you get goaltending, everybody feels better. But we were talking about how excited we are to see where this young D corps is going to be in one or two years, after this year or next year. So they've got some work to do, but it's a pretty special group."

JARED THOMAS (forward): "I think we have a bunch of unsung heroes on our team. There's a guy sitting down there. He's came such a long way since his freshman year. We had so many guys like that on our team, playing third, fourth line. And we're never afraid when they were on the ice. We knew that they were going to do their job. We trusted everyone in our locker room, whether the guys were playing or even the guys that weren't in the lineup. If we needed them we knew that they'd be ready to step right in. And I think those depth guys sometimes go unnoticed. So I'm so happy for our group and especially for those guys that don't get a lot of recognition."

JARED THOMAS on developing his scoring touch after four years of not scoring a goal at Duluth: "It's kind of come full circle. Obviously there were some ups and downs throughout my career here, but, I mean, I would trade this feeling for no goals. I mean, it's unbelievable. I mean, I can't even put into words. I just became a more well-rounded hockey player, I feel, in my career here. I don't feel like I lost my scoring touch or anything like that. It's just college hockey is a hard game. And we're fortunate to have some pretty good depth on our teams throughout the years. And we always had the guys that were going to score, and that just wasn't my role. This year I came into the year and knew that I needed to step up in the scoring department. And just try to play with that confidence and make plays like I know I can. And it just so happened to find a couple of pucks go into the net for me this year. And all in all, to end a college career as a national champion, I wouldn't trade that for the world. And doing it alongside these guys is even that more special."

KARSON KUHLMAN on a season of ups and downs: "It's special. I couldn't be more proud of that group of guys in there. A roller coaster first half took a lot away from it as teaching moments, especially for our younger guys, and we kind of anticipated that. In the second half, we went on a little run. And I think coming down to Xcel Energy Center for the NCHC Tournament there was a good wake-up call for us. We got a taste of what playoff hockey was like. We got punched in the nose a little there and was fortunate enough to make the tournament and obviously ran with our opportunity."

COACH SANDELIN on the importance of having senior leadership: "It's nice to have the young players bring a lot of energy and that obviously they're talented young players, too. But like I said before, our youngest position was obviously the back end. I was pretty comfortable with our forwards, but these guys played last year too. And they've been to the NCAA Tournament and they were in the championship game last year. I'm not going to lie: I wanted them to share that with our guys, and hopefully it helped a little bit. But experience means a lot. Just because you've been there last year doesn't mean everything, but it certainly helps. I think it's nice for those guys to be able to bounce things off the guys who haven't been here and just kind of get them focused on what it's like. We tried to let them enjoy the experience. We're not an overly structured team with meetings and different stuff. They enjoyed each other. I think it showed in practices. I think it showed in the game, how they cared about each other and they won for each other."

Notre Dame Post Game Quotes:

COACH JACKSON: "Congratulations to Duluth and Scott. They played a hell of a game. And obviously when they made the tournament, they became that team of destiny that you're always hoping to be at the end of the year. So hats off to them. I'm extremely proud of our guys, especially our senior class that led us to a great season."

COACH JACKSON on Duluth's shot blocking: "That's becoming more common across all of hockey now, with teams playing zones. We actually prepared a little bit for that in preparation for Michigan. But we didn't execute as well tonight, plus they do a really good job of putting pressure on you. So even your shots are contested. Their defensemen, they front you, they get body position on you and it's hard to get pucks through. We really needed to try to do more to make the ice longer. We shortened the ice way too much with turnovers and some of that was from blocked shots.

COACH JACKSON on his team: "Well, you know, this group was unbelievable. I mean, they were relentless. They were resilient. We had great leadership. I feel awful for our seniors. They did a heck of a job all season long. We still walked away with two trophies and played in the national championship game. So there's a lot to be said for what they accomplished this year. They had a 16-game winning streak. We had a great year in the Big Ten. We ran into a better team tonight, and we have to respect that."

COACH JACKSON on what's next?: "We'll get back at it and take some time to reflect. We got a big senior class to replace and a big freshman class coming in. It'll certainly be a different look in our team, but we've got a lot of good players and fairly good group of leadership coming back. We'll get started all over again. It's a continuous cycle for us as coaches. Sometimes it's different people. But I'm not going to look that far in the future right now. I want to embrace these kids that we have here and what they accomplished."

In Honor of the Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey Team Members Lost and Injured

Semifinal 1: Thursday, April 5
6:00 PM (ESPN2) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Minnesota Duluth Goal 1: Roehl
Assists: M. Anderson
Goal 2: Thomas
Assist: Kuhlman
No Scoring No Scoring - 2
Ohio State No Scoring No Scoring Goal 1: Laczynski
Assists: Ege
- 1

Minnesota Duluth Post Game Quotes:

COACH SANDELIN: "We obviously had a great start to the game, getting a lead, but thought our first two periods were strong, and a little slow in the third. They got the power play, but our guys held strong and kind of seems to be the MO with our team right now. Our program in this tournament, we've had a lot of one-goal games."

JARED THOMAS on the Quick two goal lead: "When we've had success, we've had fast starts. It was a great play by two freshmen defensemen there on the goal... And I think we got one within the next couple of shifts, our line did. So that's the 2-0 start that we wanted and the fast start. And that's when we're at our best. It's hard for teams to come back on us when we get a lead."

LOUIE ROEHL on his Dad's advice about wanting to play goalie as a kid: "I always started as a player. He told me you never want to sit on the bench a couple games and miss an opportunity in games. I begged him to put me in net, but he said it was too expensive and told me to just go play defense."

JARED THOMAS on embracing the underdog role: "I think when you're fighting for your life there to get in the tournament, you're kind of playing playoff hockey a couple weeks earlier than everyone else, and you just kind of get on a run and keep it going and figure out how to play tough, close games like that. And we've had, I think every game we've had in our last four, five, six games have been one-goal games... the fact that we had to crawl and scratch our way from basically the bottom at the start of the season to where we are now, it's been a heck of a run that we've put together and hopefully come out on Saturday and finish it off."

Ohio State Post Game Quotes:

COACH ROHLIK: "Well, tough way to start a hockey game against a really good hockey team. We dug ourselves a hole. But I couldn't be more proud of my group. They never quit, like they have all year, right through the end, even believing with one point, whatever is on the clock we could still score. I'm just proud of our university, proud to be on a big stage like this and really proud of my guys."

MASON JOBST on the season: "Just building off what Coach said, I'm proud of the guys. They talk about being a leader and it's really easy during the good times, and it's a great group of guys and they made it easy on me all year, one of my favorite teams I've been on my entire life, and I love these guys and I'm proud of them. First time in 20 years, it's quite the accomplishment. Obviously, it's not where we want it to be at the end result. But I love them."

COACH ROHLIK: "I've been coaching, what, 27 years, this has been the best group I've been around. Easiest group to coach. I think there was one day all year I had to get on them in practice, but other than that you could see what it was like. And to accomplish what we did, they were on a mission from last year. We had a case in the NCAA Tournament. These guys are the ones that steered the ship. I was just there guiding it. And you've got to pinch yourself when you're around a group like that. And it's just too bad we came up a little short. I'm just so proud of our university, our hockey programs, and the dean did an incredible job with our women's team. To walk away and have both programs in a Frozen Four speaks volumes of where the hockey is at right now."


Semifinal 2: Thursday, April 5
9:30 PM (ESPN2) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Michigan Goal 1: Calderone
Assists: Marody
Goal 2: Dancs
Goal 3: M. Pastujov
N. Pastujov
- 3
Notre Dame No Scoring Goal 1: Oglevie
Assists: Evans
Goal 2: Evans
Goal 3: Burke
Assists: Olgevie
Goal 4: Evans
Assists: Morris
- 4

Notre Dame Post Game Quotes:

JAKE EVANS on playing in tight games: "It's definitely fun playing in these environments, playing in a great rink, a great crowd. These tight games are, obviously, you want to just keep piling up goals, but they're not going to happen this time of year. And it's a lot of fun because our team has so much confidence right now. And when we're down one, down two, they get a late goal, we're a calm team, and we're a unit. And no one's getting angry or down, everyone's staying up. And it's been a lot of fun."

ANDREW OGLEVIE on the loss last year: "Last year was a learning experience for us. And we've been in these tough situations before, especially last year in this tournament. So, our message, like I said earlier, was just be resilient. We've got a really mature group. And we've got guys that would never quit. So, we went out there and we battled hard and came out in the second period, we had that unlucky bounce. But we kept our nose down and we did what we had to do."

COACH JACKSON on the Big Ten: "You know, the Big Ten has been an awesome home this year. You've seen some great teams tonight and the compete and battle out of Ohio State and Michigan, it was like that playing even at the end of the year against Michigan State. There's no weak links in this conference. Our first priority is to win for our University and win for these kids. These boys that have battled here all year long. But, it's nice to be able to represent the Big Ten in a positive way. Hopefully, we'll be the first team to be able to win a national title as a Big Ten member."

Michigan Post Game Quotes:

COACH PEARSON: "I just want to take a moment to congratulate Notre Dame, Jeff Jackson and their staff and their team. They did a great job all year and I wish them all the best. Having said that, I'm extremely proud of our team, especially our seniors. I thought as the game wore on there, we were starting to play. We finally started to play. And unfortunately, it was just a bad bounce there at the end. But it's good to be back here. Michigan will be back here again. And my only regret is I don't have more time with the seniors. The seniors have been outstanding for us this year. And I wish I had them back for another few years."

DEXTER DANCS on the season: "It's heartbreaking. I think coming into this season we didn't have a strong year last year. A lot of people didn't believe in us. But this team, everyone was so close and we had so much fun. We didn't have the most talent. It wasn't the most talented team I've had here in four years but it was the best team and we just loved being around each other. And to make this run my senior year, me and Tony, we've been having so much fun playing hockey and to see it end like that is obviously tough."

TONY CALDERONE: "Honestly, I think it might have been my favorite year of hockey in my life. I think being announced captain just being a senior and getting to see some of these younger guys was truly special. Like Dexter said we had so much fun this year on and off the ice, never a dull day coming to the rink. I want to thank Coach Pearson for that and the guys in that room, I think, we're life-long friends and we'll have each other forever."

COACH PEARSON on his Senior Class: "They've been tremendous to our young players in that locker room. One of our freshmen stood up and thanked the seniors for taking them under their wing and accepting them. And our seniors have been really good this year. They've given us everything they have. And that's all we ask of our players, just give us everything you have. Nothing more, nothing less. The seniors are not only good hockey players, they're tremendous people, good students. They represent Michigan in the right way. And I'm very proud of those guys."


Hobey Baker and Team Autograph Session

Game Day

Opening Practices

Coaches Quotes - Pre Game

Scott Sandelin Head Coach, Minnesota Duluth on the Bulldogs Return to the Frozen Four
"It's a pretty exciting time for our program, our team. Really excited for the guys sitting next to me, especially Karson Kuhlman who is our captain. But, it hasn't been an easy road. I think this team's really grown through the year, and real proud of their effort to rebound from our tournament losses to have a good week and win two games against two very good teams in Sioux Falls and get an opportunity to come back and try to win a national championship.

So, it's pretty special to be back in Saint Paul. Obviously '11 was a good year for us winning it here. And it was nice. And we feel fortunate to be in the position to be back here playing and having an opportunity to do that again."

Steve Rohlik, Head Coach, Ohio State on Being at the Frozen Four
"We're really excited and honored to be here amongst three other great teams in this tournament. It's a long journey and a process. And I'm just really happy for our program, our university and especially these players."

Jeff Jackson, Head Coach, Notre Dame on Playing Michigan
"Well, they're much improved. They've grown a lot over the last several months. I remember when I took over Notre Dame, it took us over half a year to get our culture in place, to get our system in place, to figure out what players we had. And they had to figure me out. And I'm sure the same thing happened to Mel (Pearson) this year. But, I saw from January to a month later when we played them, I saw them better than they were earlier. And I think that he's done an incredible job this year and that program's back on the rise.

They had a great coach for a number of years in Red Berenson, and it was, like, an easy transition for Mel since he worked for Red all those years. But it was a fresh face, a new staff for the most part. And those kids really grew as a team. So, they've been one of the best offensive teams in the country in the second half, and their goaltender's certainly solidified their game in the second half as well. So all in all, they're as good a team as there is left playing. So, we'll more than have our hands full."

Mel Pearson, Head Coach, Michigan on Being at the Frozen Four
"I'm thrilled, excited, very proud of my team. They've worked extremely hard to get here. It's been a while since Michigan's been to the Frozen Four. And it's great to be back. And I just want to thank all our fans, alumni, all the supporters, and we're anxious to drop a puck tomorrow."

Coaches Quotes - Post Regionals

Jeff Jackson, Head Coach, Notre Dame
"We're thrilled to have the opportunity to play the Frozen Four again. It's a second year in a row for our team, and I think this past weekend, our team played two tight games against two very good hockey teams. We're very fortunate to move forward, but we're excited about getting back. I think last year was a learning experience for our guys and we're hoping that the experience that they had is going to help them be better prepared for what they're going to face.

I've been to the Frozen Four before with teams, and there is a lot of distractions, there's a lot of things going on, and that doesn't even include what they go through personally dealing with their families and travel. I think it's a much bigger thing than people expect and all the things that go along with it, all the different events and media coverage, and things like that. It's an intimidating thing for young guys that haven't been through it. I mean, we go through it to a much lesser degree during the season or even during our playoffs or in the regionals. It just gets magnified 100 times over. And I thought, for sure, it had an impact on us last year, obviously Denver certainly had a big impact on it as well. But, I think that for me, I thought our guys were kind of overcome by the bigness of the whole thing, and that's why I'm grateful that we have more of the veteran team that's been through it for the most part, because it is a factor. There's no question about it."

Mel Pearson, Head Coach, Michigan
"We're extremely excited to be taking Michigan back to the Frozen Four. Obviously, we've participated in a number of these before and I have, as an assistant at Michigan, 11 times so just really proud and excited. I think out of the four teams, we are probably the most least likely to get there after being picked to finish sixth in the Big Ten. I'm really fortunate to be surrounded by a great group of players who didn't believe in all the pre-season polls and we've worked extremely hard to get to this point.

Obviously, we're the underdog in the tournament and we're just happy to be there, and it's bonus hockey for us now, but it's been a great week in Michigan. You know, not only with the men's basketball team getting to the Final Four, but obviously with our hockey team getting into the Frozen Four. So, anxious to get to St. Paul. St. Paul does a great job. Really excited to be coming to the Xcel Energy Center and they're great hosts. And then just really that excited to play a great Notre Dame team who we have a lot of respect for."

Steve Rohlik, Head Coach, Ohio State
"On behalf of our University, our players, and our staff we're just really excited to be here and be a part of such an unbelievable event and three outstanding teams besides us. So again, it's that time of year its down to 14 stand, and we're just really, really humbled and excited to be one of those four.

We played a solid game against Denver, obviously one of the best teams in the country, defending champs, loaded with talent. We knew what we had to do and, I mean, our guys just competed and they were relentless. And, against those guys, you can't stay on the outside, you've got to take advantage of your opportunities. It's not like we had 40-50 shots on net but, we got to take advantage of the opportunities we have. And that's what we talked about and then just taking away time and space and, again, it's a credit to our guys. They bought in and they've worked extremely hard and beating Denver was obviously a nice ending for us at the Regionals."

Scott Sandelin Head Coach, Minnesota Duluth
"It's exciting anytime you're playing in the Frozen Four. It's certainly a very exciting time for your players, and our program, and our community. So, we're excited to get back there. Obviously, it's great that it's in St. Paul, a little bit closer to home. So, again, that's pretty special. So, it certainly hasn't been easy. A lot of dramatic things happened in the last couple weeks. Barely getting in and regrouping from our NCHC play ooff tournament, where we lost two games, but real proud of our team to kind of regroup and reset during the week and go on and win two very tough games against, again, two very good hockey teams. So, again, we're excited to get back there and looking forward to playing Ohio State.

Obviously, we had 10 or 11 players that were there last year. Not all of them were playing, but you might think it helps to some degree. But primarily, we're a real new team to this, as far as with all the younger players that we have. So, I think that's big too. But I think that experience certainly coming from like guys like Pearson Coleman, Jared Thomas that have been through this before. Not just the tournament, but the second Frozen Four will help. But I think it's, every year, it's a little bit different. So, what we're going to rely on those guys a little bit, to help with that. But at the same time, it's pretty much a new experience for most of our guys."

2018 NCAA Regionals

East Regional Semifinal Game 1: Friday, March 23
3:00 PM (ESPN2) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#1 Notre Dame 0 2 1 1 4
#4 Michigan Tech 0 2 1 0 3
East Regional Semifinal Game 2: Friday, March 23
7:17 PM (ESPNU) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#2 Providence 1 0 0 - 1
#3 Clarkson 0 0 0 - 0
Finals: Saturday, March 24
6:00 PM (ESPNU) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Notre Dame 0 1 1 - 2
Providence 1 0 0 - 1

Northeast Regional Semifinal Game 1: Saturday, March 24
1:00 PM (ESPNews) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#1 Cornell 0 1 0 - 1
#4 Boston University 0 1 2 - 3
Northeast Regional Semifinal Game 2: Saturday, March 24
4:30 PM (ESPNews) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#2 Michigan 0 1 2 - 3
#3 Northeastern 0 1 1 - 2
Finals: Sunday, March 25
4:00 PM (ESPN2) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#4 Boston University 1 1 1 - 3
#2 Michigan 2 1 3 - 6

West Regional Semifinal Game 1: Friday, March 23
4:00 PM (ESPNU) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#1 St. Cloud 0 0 1 - 1
#4 Air Force 0 2 2 - 4
West Regional Semifinal Game 2: Friday, March 23
7:30 PM (ESPN3) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#2 Minnesota State 2 0 0 0 2
#3 Minnesota Duluth 0 1 1 1 3
Finals: Saturday, March 24
9:00 PM (ESPN2) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Air Force 0 0 1 - 1
Minnesota Duluth 2 0 0 - 2

Midwest Regional Semifinal Game 1: Saturday, March 24
3:30 PM (ESPNews) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#1 Ohio State 2 0 2 - 4
#4 Princeton 0 0 2 - 2
Midwest Regional Semifinal Game 2: Saturday, March 24
7:00 PM (ESPN3) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
#2 Denver 2 1 2 - 5
#3 Penn State 0 0 1 - 1
Finals: Sunday, March 25
6:30 PM (ESPNU) Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Ohio State 0 2 3 - 5
Denver 0 0 1 - 1

2018 Hobey Baker Award

The Hobey Hattrick was announced on March 29th.
2018 Hobey Hattrick Team Conference
Henrik Borgstrom Denver
Ryan Donato Harvard
Adam Gaudette Northeastern

2018 Hobey Baker Award Winner - Adam Gaudette

2018 Mike Richter Award

2018 Mike Richter Award Final Five Team
Matthew Galajda Cornell
Tanner Jaillet Denver
Cale Morris Notre Dame
Colton Point Colgate
Cayden Primeau Northeastern

2018 Richter Award Winner - Cale Morris

2018 Hockey Humanitarian Award

2018 Hockey Humanitarian Award Final Five Team
Camil Blanchet Bowdoin
Sidney Peters Minnesota
Courtney Pensavalle Yale
Luke Rivera Fredonia
Lauren Spring Ohio State

2018 Hockey Humanitarian Award Winner - Sidney Peters

2018 Spencer Penrose Award

2018 Spencer Penrose Award Finalists Team
Rich Gotkin Mercyhurst
Jeff Jackson Notre Dame
Bob Motzko St. Cloud State
Mel Pearson Michigan
Grant Potulny Northern Michigan
Steve Rohlik - Runner-up Ohio State
Scott Sandelin Minnesota Duluth
Mike Schafer Cornell
Jerry York Boston College

2018 Spencer Penrose Award Winner - Jeff Jackson

2018 Conference Tournament Champions

2018 CHAMPIONS: Air Force Cadets

2018 CHAMPIONS: Notre Dame

2018 ECAC CHAMPIONS: Princeton Tigers

2018 HOCKEY EAST CHAMPIONS: Boston University


2018 WCHA CHAMPIONS: Michigan Tech Huskies

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Penn State Clarkson Boston University Denver Alaska
Army Michigan Colgate University of
Miami Alaska
Bentley Michigan
Maine Minnesota
Bemidji State
Canisus Minnesota Dartmouth Merrimack Nebraska Omaha Bowling Green
Holy Cross Notre Dame Harvard Northeastern North Dakota Ferris State
Mercyhurst Wisconsin Princeton Providence
St. Cloud
Lake Superior
Niagara Quinnipiac UMass
Michigan Tech
Robert Morris RPI UMass
Institute of Tech.
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Sacred Heart St. Lawrence

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