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This is a challenging time for all. Parents, caregivers, and guardians are now being asked to help their kids learn at home while schools are closed. This website offers a variety of lessons, problem solving problems, and other creative fun activities to help kids learn in fun and meaningful ways.

These lessons and teaching aids are free; just click on the links to the left of the page to download .pdfs of the various plans. I'll add new lessons each day so keep checking back for new plans and teaching ideas. Also, please spread the word and share the link!

The plans are free but if you find the materials helpful and would like to make a modest donation, please click on the Donate Link below. The link will take you to the secure PayPal site. We appreciate any donation to help cover the costs of providing these resources. Thank you!

Lesson Ideas are generally designed for grades 5 - 8 but can be adapted for all levels
  • Primary Levels (simplify and provide support)
  • Upper Elementary (provide support as needed)
  • Middle School (increase scope)
  • High School (add more advanced ideas)
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Math Problem Solving Strategies
Buying Pets!
Four Friends on an Island
Box of Numbers
Sour Patch Kids (primary grades)
Fewest Number of Envelopes
Creative Equation
Grasshopper Race
M&M packaging
Pizza Toppings!
The Distributive Property
90 is more than 125?
"Gastimate" Estimating Game
Developing Budgets
Project Ideas and Games
Interdisciplinary (multiple subjects) Projects
Pick Up Chips
Remove Your Chips Game
Remove Your Chips Game Board (print)
Major League Baseball
Chasing Champ
Language Arts
Book Talks
Writing Process
Writing Tips
Using Semicolons
Writing Ideas
Why Reading for Pleasure is Valuable
Picture Book Illustrations
Some Original Poems
Harry Potter Fun Activities
Character Traits
Character Traits Mapping
Describing Setting
What's Inside the Mystery Box?
The Spitzer Space Telescope
The Spinning Spiral
The Mystery Solution
Making Music with Straws
Sound Waves
Simple Machines
Compass Navigation
Do Landforms Determine Climate?
Ocean Current Study
Ocean Current Map
Space Travel!
How Big is the Solar System?
The Change of Seasons
Social Studies
Community Maps
Capital Cities
Developing Budgets
Transportation Networks
Social Studies Drama
Social Networks
Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude Check-up
Determining Your Location
Become a Great Lake!
The Roles of Government
Please make a modest donation if you find these resources helpful
New Lessons and Activities will be added every day!
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F1 skates towards D1, passes to D1 and cuts across zone; D2 swings in the opposite direction

D1 passes to D2

D2 passes to F1, that "activates" D1, who breaks up ice. F2 swings over to support F1

F1 passes to F2

F1, F2, D1 and D2 attack 3 on 0. Next group moves in to repeat in opposite direction

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